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Solicitation Components

During the solicitation and selection of projects (Step 3 of the pay for performance process), it is important to gather information from prospective bidders that allows the buyer to evaluate candidates and lays the groundwork for developing a pay for performance contract. Responses to solicitations provide meaningful information to the selection committee such as the environmental outcomes expected, whether the project is in a high priority area for the environmental issue of concern, and the expected environmental return per dollar spent. Therefore, buyers must carefully consider the factors to include in solicitations that will pave the way for evaluating proposals, creating pay for performance contracts, and achieving environmental outcomes.

Are you ready to implement a pay for performance contract? Download our Pay for Performance Contract Terms and Guidance document, which specifies key components to include in solicitations and their relation to customizable pay for performance contract terms. Due to the varying nature of legal requirements for public agencies and internal policies for private entities that typically bound solicitation requirements, a list of key components to include in solicitations will be provided rather than template solicitation terms.